21st Century Education in a Smart and Healthy Environment

The International School of Debrecen is the first international school in Debrecen located in Pallag, – a small and safe suburban area of Debrecen, that is directly next to the Great Forest.


The International School of Debrecen will open its gate in September and as János Öreg, the Director of the school, stated in his last interview, the construction is running according to plans, and the operating licenses are already on the way.

The school is already famous for its futuristic building, its glass-walls and outdoor classrooms; but it is much more just a fancy building.

A wide range of environmentally conscious and energy-efficient solutions.

“It is very important that a building provides its users with a good feeling but does not harm the environment”, stated Peter Bordás, the architect of the Bord Architect Studio in the latest interview.  

In the case of the International School of Debrecen, a wide range of environmentally conscious and energy-efficient solutions have been designed to provide students with maximum benefits.

The lighting system is designed to allow the natural light to flow through the interiors and enable the light to come not only from the skylights but also from other directions. The balanced proportion of the light minimizes the harsh boundary of inside and outside to make an elevating impact on the children.

A structural cooling and heating system provides the required temperature in the classrooms where the roof slab is heated or cooled based on the actual season.

No air-conditioning units are being used, because they are unnecessary, the circulating air will be at the required control the temperature. The thermal comfort is ensured by the circulation of the cold or hot water in the pipe system installed in the reinforced concrete structure.

Natural ventilation and an underground gym

Besides the classrooms, the temperatures of the corridors are regulated in a smart way. Ventilators are installed into the floor to automatically let cool air into the building during summer. The temperature will naturally get warmer during the day but it will stay stable and enjoyable until noon.

In order to utilize geothermal heat most part of the gym will be under the ground to keep it cool. It is located above the soil moisture level and equipped with proper insulation.

The nearby forest also provides a solution. The cool air coming from the woods is blasted on the floor level and sets the temperature naturally. During the winter the soil protects the structure of the gym from temperatures lower than ten degrees celsius.

A glass surface all along the long sides of the gym is installed to provide plenty of natural light, while the roof structure of the gym overreaching the walls of the building provides enough shade to keep it cool. The large roof is a perfect use for a basketball court and other relaxing facilities.

“It is important to take advantage of the energy resources provided by our environment”, added Peter Bordas.

“The people in Debrecen are very receptive to what we do. They are curious, not afraid to tell their opinion and to discuss it,” he continued. Peter Bordás believes that the key to his success lays in selling architecture as a service, being able to collaborate with the partners.

“Debrecen is the country in the country,” the architect added, and he believes that in Debrecen, you can do things you can’t do elsewhere.


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