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2nd Nationality Days in Debrecen

The programs are free of charge and take place in the community center at Pósa Street 1. and in front of the Fórum Debrecen (Csapó Street shopping center). 

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Diána Széles said at the opening ceremony that the first Debrecen Nationalities Day in 2021 was very popular. The sole aim of the event was to get to know each other’s culture, each other’s food, and the nationalities who live here in Debrecen.

The slogan “We together are Debrecen” should not only apply to those who are from the city, but also to those who live with us, she said, adding that seven of the nine nationalities living in the city are now present and together we can experience what it is like to be a citizen of Debrecen, she added.

István Aba-Horváth, President of the Eu-Roma National Association, quoted the admonition of King Stephen to his son, Prince Imre, that “a monolingual country is weak and fallible.”

Attila Sztojka, the Government Commissioner for Roma Affairs, stressed that the strength of a nation is also expressed by the way it relates to its nationalities and the attention it pays to them.

Hungary has always given priority to nationalities, to its nationalities. It has always provided space to showcase their culture, their language, and their diversity. And rightly so, because Hungarian culture, universal culture, must include the values of nationalities, he said.

The city of Debrecen is becoming not only a very serious economic city, but also a social hub that can and is becoming increasingly visible. In addition to creating economic prosperity, the city is also trying to strengthen social prosperity, Attila Sztojka concluded.

The program of the 2nd Nationality Days in Debrecen can be found here.

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