50th Flower Carnival Rocks the City Between 14-21 August

For the 50th time, the renowned Debrecen Flower Carnival will rock the city from 14 to 21 August.


The prestigious and well-known Flower Carnival is Debrecen’s most popular event with tourists. It is a week-long cultural extravaganza during which you can enjoy concerts and performances of domestic and foreign artists, ending with a Carnival Night on the 20th of August.

One of the traditional elements of the carnival is the display of the flower carriages. This year, we can see 18 flower carriages, – more than ever before. The flowers, one million stalks of fresh dahlia, are imported from the Netherlands, in addition to fresh and dry flowers.

There is good news, that two more stages will be set up this year where you can see the carriages, see below:

Flower Festival Stages Debrecen Today - 50th Flower Carnival Rocks the City Between 14-21 August

“The event actually started weeks ago, while the flowered carriage carrying the Holy Crown and the sculpture of King Saint Stephen was taken to Csíksomlyó for the Pope’s visit”, said László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen.

There will be a one-week program organized in Oradea, Romania, starting from the 15th of August. Five flower carriages from Debrecen visiting Oradea will stop in every Hungarian-inhabited areas of Érmellék for the first time this year.

Some great programs of the Flower Carnival Debrecen

The Flower Carnival offers many colorful programs for visitors including concerts, theater performances, and puppet shows.

Art groups from Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Indonesia, Japan, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Russia, Romania, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and Ukraine are joining the carnival. In addition to the ten Hungarian ensembles, 17 foreign groups will also march among the flower carriages on the carnival ride, and more than a hundred cultural events will be held in Debrecen as part of the Carnival program series.

Carnival Night Show – You can see a spectacular show on the 20th of August with the greatest bands and artists of our time. 2,000 contributors, 40 tons of technology, 600 smart lights, 200,000 WATT, light painting, and custom show.

Among the performers at the Carnival, you can see singers Bogi Nagy and Dénes Pál, the Debrecen Mazsorett Ensemble, the Hajdú Dance Ensemble, and the Bürkös Orchestra.

Visit Debrecen will organize a Riding Event named “II. Light Ride Debrecen“. Get your bikes, turn the lights on and ride the streets of Debrecen on the 20th of August.

Kids can enjoy the Galiba Festival with games, music and theatre performances, while adults enjoy the Czech Beer Garden in the Great Forest (Lake “Békás”) and taste the best Czech and Bavarian beers.

You can see some spectacular light show in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall during the festival, while Baker Szabolcs Szabadfi will bake “Debrecen bread” with the help of local bakers and by using a hundred-year-old yeast and wood-heated oven.

Photo credit: debrecen.hu


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