61st Painting + Art Auction in the Villás Galéria

Antique silver ornaments, furniture, paintings, and sculptures will be on sale at the next auction of the Villás Gallery.


The “Villás Galéria” is the only auction house in the countryside. The next auction, will be the 61st painting and art auction when you can even buy from paintings of the famous Debrecen painter, László Holló.

You can bid for paintings and works of art three times a year at the Villás Gallery in Debrecen. Taking place on the 5th of October, the auction will comprise of 96 paintings and 107 works of art will be hammered, giving a grand total of 203 items.

“The retro era is very fashionable now. In this spirit, one of Béla Czene’s main works, the Budapest Circle painting that was painted in 1973, will be sold too”, said Jánosné Villás Ilona Bagdi, the head of the auction.

The most valuable piece of artwork is the painting “Homeland” of József Molnár, the 19th-century romantic painter, its value is estimated to be 2.8 million forints. There are many o Hungarian names among the artists: János Balázs, Antal Berkes, István Pekáry or László Holló from Debrecen.

In addition to paintings, silver ornaments, Fischer and Zsolnay porcelain, furniture and statues are also on the auction list. The gallery expects about 300-350 customers from around the country and from abroad.

If you are interested you can check the auction’s catalog or the gallery’s website.

The auction will take place in Villás Galéria (4026 Debrecen, Bem tér 2) at 3 PM on the 5th of October.