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800 Billion HUF for Debrecen, + International airport

Nearly 800 billion HUF of government funds will be allocated to the developments in Debrecen

Within the framework “Debrecen 2030”, Debrecen will receive 427 billion HUF to increase the population and retain competitiveness of the region – stated László Palkovics, Minister of State for Higher Education.

The minister highlighted the following, most important developments of the future including the intensification of economic relations, the development of transport – naming the motorway and railway links with Oradea (Romania), and extension of the Debrecen airport, as well as the development of the International School of Debrecen and a German, Romanian and Ukrainian language school.

According to László Palkovics, strong Hungarian businesses, stable jobs and increasing wages are required to improve the life of Hungarians..

He called the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) important, saying that 97 of every 100 companies are Hungarian-owned, but their total economic weight is as much as 3 percent of multinational companies.

He emphasized that the number of companies that bring significant research and development is increasing, and “the global value chains also bring their high value-added activities to Hungary”.

He also pointed out that Hungary takes the 22nd place in research and development in Europe, which justifies “changing the management of the innovation-research system”.

He called economic leaders to pay attention to workplace diversity and to increase the employment of women on a part-time basis, which is currently not really happening in Hungary, and he emphasized that the government will soon open a program to support this type of employment.



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