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Construction of the first nursery in Józsa begins

The Municipality of Debrecen will build five nurseries in Debrecen in the future, two of which are planned for Józsa. One of these is still being planned, the other is already under construction.

The new nursery will have four single rooms with eight classrooms. TÁRS-95 Kft. is to build a building with a net floor area of 1,350 square meters, including a kitchenette and office space, at Gönczy Pál Street 1-3. 

According to Lajos Kósa, Member of Parliament, the 96-seat crèche will be built next to the kindergarten building, mainly with EU funding. He added that a parking lot will also be built on the site.  

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said the city’s 2022 budget, adopted last week, provides significant resources for the construction of new institutions and the renewal of existing ones, including the preparation of the construction of five new nurseries. The first nursery in Józsa will be housed in a lightweight building, so it should be completed relatively quickly, by December 2022, he added. 

The mayor believes that the Northwestern Economic Zone, which also houses the BMW plan, will be within easy reach of Józsa, and that the population of the district is expected to grow in the future. It is also the reason why two new nurseries are planned. The new nursery will be open for children from spring 2023, he added. 

Ákos Balázs, deputy mayor and municipal representative of the district, said that most of the development funds in Józsa are being used for the future generation, including the renewal of the school and kindergarten buildings, the renewal and extension of the kindergarten in Alsójózsa, and building a kindergarten gym. Ákos Balázs believes that the construction of the two new crèches will be a great help to parents. He added that the trees in the nearby small forest were planted by the residents of Józsa and will be taken care of during the construction. More trees will be planted once the project is finished, and the fence will be a green fence, he said, adding that the sledge hill of the kindergarten will be preserved.

The deputy mayor added that in Józsa, the Catholic Church has built a kindergarten on urban land, and that there are plans to build a 16-classroom school.

The Municipality of Debrecen has twelve day-care centers with 1,164 places. Overall, they meet demand, but some parts of the city have no crèches – including Józsa, with a population of 14, 000. 

Another nursery in Jozsa is currently being planned. The idea is to build a 96-place nursery with four units, eight classrooms and a minimum net floor area of 1, 200 m2 . A shaded play area and a play yard are envisaged adjacent to the nurseries.

Two more nursery buildings are also being planned in Debrecen: one a 96-place nursery with four single rooms and eight classrooms on the Egressy Béni Square in the Tócóvölgy district, and a similar nursery at Pohl Ferenc Street in Lencz Telep.  For the letter a public procurement procedure is underway.

A contractor has already been selected for the construction of a crèche in Postakert, but the EU funding for this project is not sufficient. The city is launching a public tender. If the municipality wins, construction can start.

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