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A New Childcare Facility was Given to Families in Debrecen

The families of Debrecen have gotten a new modern child-care facility inside the Hódos Imre Event and Sport Hall, which meets every parents need. Supporters can feel free to visit here with their little children for the matches of the women’s hand-ball. The sports-hall is to be renewed by the local government in the near future.

Hand-ball is one of the most popular sports in Debrecen, no doubt in part due to its star all girls hand-ball team who has won championships as well as national and international championships. As a result of this success Debrecen hosted the Women’s Junior World Handball Championship this summer, which was especially successful. The teams – including the world champion Hungarian selected team – were seen by over 40,000 viewers in two weeks. – recalled Mr. Lajos Barcsa, deputy mayor, at the handover of the modern child-care (also know as Globus Kids) of the Hódos Imre Event and Sport Hall.

In the future, more people will be able to visit the matches of the number-one-rated team as The Globus Canning Industry Plc. and the DVSC Handball Ltd. worked together and modernized the kids’ day-care. The playhouse was launched two years ago by the DVSC Handball Ltd. During the home matches, a qualified kindergartener takes care of the children under the age of six. In the season of 2018/19, the child-care facility with the new name of Globus Kids, provides even higher levels of free services to the supporters. The room for the smallest children is equipped with special air-conditioners, new furnishings and toys. With the handover of the new child-care centre, more parents can attend matches along with their children.

The matches will be available to the whole family. – said Mr. Zsolt Ábrók, president of the club. Mr. Lajos Barcsa, deputy major added: “Today, in the developed western part of the world, there is an increasing trend of catering to families needs, for example in the Premier League matches in England – where the clubs provide such conditions for attracting families to sport events. It is a pleasure to me – not just as a city manager, but as a family man- that we can bare witnesses to this moment, and be a part of a professional club that is supported by the local government which focuses on the families as well. ”

The local government of Debrecen city with county rights considers the sport as a strategic sector. As the sports city of the nation, strongly supports the sports organizations which are in the top league, and it also provides an annual subsidy of 40 million HUF for the Debrecen hand-ball team. This amount has been raised by 30 million HUF this year, because the local government also supports the renovation of the Hódos Imre Event and Sport Hall as the venue of the hand-ball matches.



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