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A New education + Sports Centre is Being Built at the University

A new educational and sports centre is being built at the university
A new sports-economy management and Tennis center will be built by the University of Debrecen on its Böszörményi street campus. The foundation stone of the building has been laid down on the 25th of October, 2018. The center will be built from 860 million HUF.

The building will have two main building parts. In the first building section there will be educational rooms (classrooms, offices) and service rooms (dressing room, auditorium, buffet) in three different levels, and the tennis hall will be located in the second section with four standard sized hard-covered tennis courts.
On the one hand, the center will serve educational purposes both theoretically and practically in the field of tennis training. On the other hand, this central facility will gives opportunity to sportsmen for practicing and competing. The hall will also be able to play badminton with the usage of mobile tracks.

Mr. Zoltán Szilvássy, the rector of the university, recalled in his speech that the need for the center had arisen at the discussions of the town and university leadership at the beginning of 2016, due to residential feedbacks. Mr. László Papp suggested that the center should be placed at the university. The popularity and expansion of the university’s sports-related trainings were also justified to enlarge the center with educational facilities.
Mr. László Papp highlighted that the University of Debrecen is a very good partner for the development of sports facilities. The Mayor said that these sports facilities serve not only the students but also the interests of the residents in Debrecen, thus the tennis center will provides the same.

Mr. Károly Pető, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, said that nearly four hundred students were involved in trainings realted to sports organization, recreation and sport economy, and there is an increasing interest. The dean said that the Department of Sport Management and Economics will be situated at the tennis center.
Mr. Zoltán Bács, chancellor, recalled that they were fighting very hard for seven years for starting the sport science education at the University of Debrecen, but the institution has proven itself since then; the University has become unavoidable in the field of sports science. The Chancellor also said that the Faculty of Economics and Business takes its part with more than 200 million HUF from the university source which was intended for the investment. This shows that the faculty works very well.

The construction works has recently began after the archaeological works. The companies will have nine months to build the tennis center. The eight external tracks associated to the centre will be completed at a later stage.

Photo credit: Municipality of Debrecen | János Miskolczi



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