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A New Exhibition Entitled “Close to the Soil” Opens at MODEM

A curatorial guided tour and a concert by cellist Endre Kertész will open MODEM's new exhibition entitled Near the Earth on 18th February

The exhibition will include works by László Mednyánszky, József Koszta, Adolf Fényes, Béla Iványi Grünwald, János Tornyai, Béla Endre, Oszkár Glatz, István Nagy, Gyula Rudnay, Ferenc Medgyessy, and László Holló, selected from the Antal Lusztig Collection.

The fourth volume of the book series on the private collection in Debrecen brings together the painters of the collection, who share a deep commitment to landscape painting. Most of them are classified in Hungarian art history under the heading of “painting in the lowlands” because the main theme of their art was the Alföld, the capture of the experience of the Puszta. 

In addition to landscapes, the exhibition pays special attention to portraits and portraits of people, which depict typical figures of Hungarian society. A separate section presents the moving works of war painters (László Mednyánszky, István Nagy) who worked during the First World War, drawing on real experiences. Alongside the painters will be one of the great sculptors of the period, Ferenc Medgyessy, whose work fits in well with the spirit of the other artists.

This part of the collection also contains a number of special pieces that can rightly be called works of museum value (masterpieces). These include Mednyánszky’s paintings of vagrants, Koszta’s field workers, Fényes’ landscape of the Tisza, recently returned from abroad, Iványi’s Gypsy Town of Kecskemét, Tornyai’s landscape paintings of Hódmezővásárhely and Baja, Endre’s landscape paintings of the lowlands, Glatz’s seed sowing figure, István Nagy’s soldier paintings, Rudnay’s peasant couple, Holló’s still lifes and Medgyessy’s famous wooden version of the scrubbing woman.

Exhibiting artists:

László Mednyánszky / József Koszta / Adolf Fényes / Béla Iványi Grünwald / János Tornyai / Béla Endre / Oszkár Glatz / István Nagy / Gyula Rudnay / Ferenc Medgyessy / László Holló


Katalin Nagy T.

Opened by

18th February 2023 (Saturday) 3:00 p.m.


3:00 p.m. Opening with Endre Kertész on cello

4:00 p.m. Curatorial guided tour with Katalin Nagy T.

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