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A New Office Building is Under Development at Debrecen International Airport

The Xanga Group is building a 4,000-square-meter office building for HUF 2 billion.

The cornerstone of the Office Bay Office Building was laid in Debrecen. At the PR event, István Herdon, President and CEO of the Xanga Group, said that projects related to airport services have been implemented, step by step over the past ten years. In addition to passenger transport, they also have provided an infrastructural background for services such as freight transport.

This project is a 4,000 square meter office building, from an investment of HUF 2 billion that will be completed next spring. It will provide a site for the services to be installed at the airport and suitable working conditions for hundreds of employees, Herdon explained to the local newspaper.

In 2019, the Xanga Group and MFB Invest Zrt. entered into a strategic agreement to secure the financial resources needed for future investments in the long run. The two companies jointly established the Debrecen Industrial Development Fund, which is managed by Xanga Ventures Private Equity Fund Management Ltd. Approximately HUF 30-35 billion is available for developments in Debrecen’s key economic development site, including the Debrecen Regional and Innovation Science and Technology Park and the Debrecen International Airport Multimodal Logistics Base, as well as the Southern Economic Zone, he said.

The group is currently making 10-12 investments. The President and CEO of the Xanga Group emphasized that the company also places great emphasis on green technologies, environmental awareness and energy efficiency. In addition to the use of renewable energy sources in the Office Bay Office Building, the building aims to achieve the BREEAM certification of one of the best-known international environmental certification schemes.

Mayor László Papp said that negotiations started 10 years ago to launch scheduled flights from Debrecen. In 2021, Debrecen International Airport became the dominant airport in the region. Dynamic and unbroken development has characterized recent years, and the Xanga Group has played an important part in this.

By 2019, it could have been the air passenger port with the largest number of passengers in the region, ahead of Kassa and Oradea.

He added that the economic importance of an airport cannot be stressed enough, in almost every investor negotiation it is a compelling argument that there is an international airport operating in Debrecen and with many destinations.

The new building complex will house 13 companies.

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