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Coronavirus Update: Kindergartens + Nurseries Will Close

As Prime Minister Orban announced on Friday, the schools will be closed from 16 March.

On Saturday afternoon, Mayor László Papp gave an extraordinary briefing. According to the announcement, the working hours of the local government-run kindergartens and nurseries will change due to the coronavirus emergency, and the kindergartens and nurseries will be closed from 16 March.

Until March 20, the heads of the institutions, kindergartens, and nurseries will be on duty and be going into the institution to take care of those children whose parents are unable to place them in such a short time. As of March 23, institutions are no longer accepting children, and only designated on-call facilities are available to children who cannot be placed in safe conditions by their parents during the day.

Parents have to declare their meal requests because, as the mayor has said, during the time of emergency the children’s meals will be organized on the basis of these declarations.

It is important that the situation is not considered by anyone as a vacation, meaning that the children must actually spend time at home.

Photo credit: Image by Vektor Kunst from Pixabay


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