Agóra Science Centre Brings Science to the Heart of Debrecen

How do you make music from some floppy drives? In how many seconds can a robot complete a Rubik’s Cube? How many degrees are there in outer space, and how do different materials behave there in the extreme cold?

These questions can also be answered by the Science Fair on Dósa nádor Square on 10th and 11th September. 

The Agóra Science Center will move science to the center of Debrecen for two days. The event will highlight the scientific past and the achievements of the civis town to prove that science is exciting, fascinating, full of experience, and fun.

Those interested can meet local institutions at the forefront of research and development, get involved in scientific activity, and try out special interactive tools while watching exciting experimental demonstrations on stage.

Meet with local institutions at the forefront of research and development and scientific activity and try out special interactive tools and watch exciting experiments taking place onstage.

The guest of the event will be László Róbert Zsiros, the host of the “Szertár”,  the “Hungarian fighter” for the promotion of natural sciences. He conjures up a scary science show with everyday objects, humor, tricks, logical tasks, and sometimes unavoidable explosions all with the goal to inspire young minds.

Location: Dósa Nádor Square

Date: 10-11th September; 1 PM – 6 PM

Attendance at the event is free.