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Architecture Exhibition Designed to Inspire Youth

The exhibition draws attention to the importance of the civil engineering and the architectural work

“Architect200, we will shape the future and transform the world!” the key message of a new poster exhibition opened last week at Baltazár Dezső Square. The display will remain up until June 7th.

“The exhibition is designed to inspire the younger generation. That being said, we can easily believe that the computer and the more advanced technologies can solve everything today, but it is not quite true. They hugely support the work, but the creation is the job and the responsibility of the engineers.

Not to mention the engineering responsibility, – they should create a healthy environment taking ecological principles into account, ” said Zoltan Pajna, President of the Hajdú-Bihar County Government.

Hungary’s largest Civil Engineering Event and Poster Exhibition

The medium and long-term goal of the exhibition is to make construction and civil engineering attractive industry once again. It is important to counteract negative public opinion towards the construction industry, to review and support the education of civil engineering faculties, and to make the career of civil engineers attractive to young people.

The need cannot be understated. Interest in civil engineering has dropped dramatically in recent years, and the market shows a steady decline in applications for civil engineering training resulting in a lack of civil engineers in practice.



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