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Automotive Suppliers Are Settling in Debrecen’s Industrial Parks

Among the companies in the industrial parks of Debrecen, there are several global automotive suppliers.

Among the companies in the industrial parks of Debrecen, there are several global automotive suppliers. The municipality’s investment policy gave priority to welcoming such companies since the country’s car industry will need additional services.

In addition to the factory to be built in the BMW Northwest Industrial Park,  ThyssenKrupp factory was built in the university industrial park, next to the IT Hungary. The factory with a floor space of more than 18,000 square meters produces millions of high-quality coil springs and stabilizers for renowned car brands each year. It employs 250 workers and has been in production for the third year.

The plant of Vitesco Technologies was completed in the southern industrial park in 2020 and already employed 200 workers. It is gradually expanding to 450 employees. The company’s world-class product is the so-called injection-molded gearbox control unit where the printed circuit board is not undercover but is embedded in strong, injection-molded plastic. In addition to being better able to withstand the shock of a car, it is not only lighter, but also half the thickness of its paved predecessors.

The building of the Sensirion factory in Switzerland reached its highest point in January. The handover of the HUF 3.5 billion, 5,000 square-foot hall is scheduled for May. The factory in Debrecen is the company’s first investment outside Switzerland. The company manufactures sensors and microsensors that are found in one-third of the world’s cars and in medical instruments such as ventilators. One billion such sensors have already been manufactured at the Swiss site. Initially, they will employ 50 people and then increase the number to 200. It is worth mentioning that the science and technology park that houses the factory has expanded from 40 to 135 hectares. It is the home of six companies and creates jobs for 6,000 people.

The Semcorp Group recently announced that it will build a plant in Debrecen where lithium-ion battery separation films will be produced from the first quarter of 2023. The 97,000-square-meter building covers an area of ​​19 hectares in the southern industrial park and will create 400 jobs. Similar to Sensirion, the Debrecen plant is the company’s first factory outside China.

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