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Debrecen Awarded – Talent Friendly Government Title

Debrecen has been awarded the title of “Talent Friendly Government” by the Ministry of Human Resources. Local governments that identify, support and exemplify talented young people with talent care programs and show exemplary collaboration with non-governmental organizations can be awarded.

With the support of the Debrecen Charity Board and the Debrecen Education Center, disadvantaged, talented young children enjoyed the summer camp of the Agora Scientific Adventure Center. Thirty selected talented children participated in the board’s talent development program during the two-week summer camp.

Diana Széles, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, also visited the children at the summer camp.

“One of the most important tasks of Debrecen is to support such talented but disadvantaged children”, said Mrs. Széles.

The children were selected with the help of the Debrecen Education Center. Almost 2,500 children have participated in Agora’s summer camps in recent years and this year children could playfully learn about science. The adventure center opens up new avenues for talent development and education through its educational activities with a unique set of tools. Here, children can not only get insight into physics, chemistry, and robotics; but they can research, investigate and experiment.

The city of Debrecen holds in its hands the fate of its inhabitants, especially the new generation. They represent the future of the city. It is important for children in difficult situations to have a perspective and get all the help they need to reach their goals and make their dreams come true. The municipality supports talented students to become more successful in their studies and to receive guidance in life.

In September, the Debrecen Charity Board’s Talent Care Program will be launched, thanks to the donation from the Debrecen Town Ball. The board devotes part of the donation to talent development for disadvantaged children, with professional background provided by the Debrecen Education Center. Thirty children from the board member organizations will have the opportunity to enter the program “Open”, where they can study IT and a foreign language. In addition to studies, the Debrecen Charity Board also organizes community-building programs.



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