Balloon Fiesta Hajdúböszörmény


The Balloon Fiesta is organized by the Ballon Club Association of Böszörmény from the 16th -19th August. The city previously held a hot air balloon competition in 2009, following which the club was formed in 2011. The first Balloon Fiesta was held in 2016.

The event is a great opportunity to introduce this special sport to children and adults, as well as to raise awareness of the city by showing visitors the most important sights, culture, and traditions of Hajdúböszörmény.

During the three-day event, visitors can try flying with balloons but the organizers will decide about the take-off point 30 minutes before the fly depending on the wind. The gathering point is the Fürdőkerti Ifjúsági és Szabadidőközpont.

Photo credit: Böszörményi Ballon Club


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