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BMW Group Launches Dual Vocational Training in Debrecen

In September 2021, the BMW Group will launch its dual vocational training program at two secondary schools in Debrecen.

On July 18, BMW and the Debrecen Vocational Training Center (DSZC) signed an agreement to start dual vocational training in two secondary schools.

BMW Group will launch its vocational training concept based on its German model. The five-year program will take place in an innovative educational environment to high-quality educational standards to ensure trainees are being well prepared for their professional careers.

The first enrollment will begin in the fall of 2019. The two-year theoretical training will be followed by three years of practical development at the BMW Group.

“We believe in the symbiosis of theoretical and practical education with regard to the training and development of our prospective employees. I am delighted that our new factory in Hungary will have the opportunity to launch dual vocational training to put many young people on the path to career development”, said Michele Melchiorre, the appointed Director of the BMW factory in Debrecen.

BMW Group announced that its internship program will cover four areas: Electrical Engineering and Automation Design, Mechatronics, Automotive Mechatronics (Systems and High Voltage Technology), and System Integration Information Technology.

“We are pleased to be able to integrate our prospective trainees in our vocational training system in Debrecen, in an innovative educational environment with high quality continuing education standards and within a flexible system”, said Sabine Wilhelm, Head of Vocational Training Management at BMW Group.

Partner schools are already selected in Debrecen

The selected partner institutions will be the DSZC Sámuel Brassai Technical Vocational Secondary School and the DSZC András Mechwart Vocational Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics.

Both schools are highly qualified educational institutions, providing an excellent base for the five years of dual vocational training. The development of the curriculum of dual vocational training has already started. Participants of the program will acquire not only theoretical but also basic practical knowledge in the chosen field.

In addition to professional training, the BMW Group has been focusing on trainee personal development over the five years as well. Admission will begin in the fall of 2019, and students will be able to apply for an internship in the spring of 2021. The dual vocational training will begin in September 2021 at the BMW Group.



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