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BMW plant will be built in Debrecen

“The BMW plant in Debrecen will be built, so far everything has gone according to the preliminary schedule”, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the press conference on 15 May.

After the successful land preparation works, the BMW Group will officially take over the area until the end of May. They are currently expecting a slip of a few months. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade visited Debrecen on 15 May and presented the successful land preparation work to Michele Melchiorre, BMW Group’s plant manager in Debrecen.

“We remain committed to the Debrecen plant, but the economic situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic has an impact on construction, so we need to rethink the work schedule accordingly”, said Michele Melchiorre. He added that the full implementation schedule is currently under review, and they expect a few months delay.” 

According to the minister, it is natural that the construction schedule will change due to the epidemic, but there is no need to amend any concluded contract.

“Debrecen has got the industrial area ready for the BMW factory with record speed – in just one and a half years. The excellent cooperation with BMW and the Hungarian government contributes to building a positive and perspective future both in our city and in the eastern region of the country. The arrival of BMW opens up new opportunities for us in the economy and the education, as well as strengthens the international recognition of Debrecen”, Dr. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, said.

Since August 2019, the BMW Group has already hired twenty local employees, and the facility under construction will provide about a thousand new jobs in the region as planned.

Photo credit: Municipality of Debrecen | János Miskolczi


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