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BMW Recruits the Talent of the Future in High School

BMW Group Factory Debrecen is launching dual training at its Training Centre, which will open in September 2023.

Students from the Brassai Samuel Technical College, the Pál Beregszász Technical College, and the András Mechwart Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology College can join this dual training. The Electronics Technician, Automotive Mechatronics Technician, and Mechatronics Technician courses are open to students from Brassai. Students from Beregszász can also join the automotive mechatronics technician training, while students from Mechwart will be trained as future BMW IT specialists at the BMW Group Factory Debrecen Training Center.

Students from schools will be selected for the dual training in grade 10 (more on this later), with training taking place in grades 11-12-13 on a weekly basis. During the training years, the students will spend more and more weeks at the BMW Group Training Centre in Debrecen; for example, in the last year, out of the 31 weeks of the school year, 24 BMW training weeks will be spent partly at the Training Centre and partly at their future workplace.

The training specialists with partner schools coordinate theoretical and practical training, with students receiving practical training at the BMW Group Factory Debrecen Training Centre and then choosing a specific professional specialization. The practical training is organized on a project basis, where future BMW technicians are confronted with production-like challenges. In the last semester of the training period, the so-called “take-over process” starts in parallel. As part of this process, students who wish to continue their careers as employees at BMW Group Factory Debrecen are continuously connected to their future work area. At the end of the acceptance process, they will be accepted to the factory in Debrecen with a successful vocational certificate, guaranteed at the beginning of the dual training when the contract is signed.

A prerequisite for being selected for the dual training is that the students study a course relevant to the BMW Group Factory Debrecen.

The selection of the first dual classes will start in March 2023 in the 10th year of the partner schools.

The BMW Group Factory Debrecen has already held several preparatory lectures for students, teachers, and parents, where they received useful information about the application process, the questions to be asked during the selection process, and how to prepare a CV.

The deadline for applications from students in Year 10 in the partner schools is 24th February 2023, with selection taking place in the first weeks of March. On the selection days, students will have three rounds to prove their abilities. First, they will have to complete an online cognitive personality test, followed by a practical task related to their profession, in the presence of their future trainers. The final step is a personal interview, lasting about half an hour, where the company’s representatives will focus on the student’s personalities and mindsets, communication skills, and team spirit.

Parents are welcome to attend the selection process, and students are provided with a relaxation room, games, and gifts to help them cope with any stress they may experience.

For young people who are about to choose a career, it is a truly exceptional opportunity to join the dual training program based on the partner schools’ core courses if they want to build a future of mobility at BMW Group Gyár Debrecen.

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