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BMW Takes Ownership of the Land in Debrecen

The municipality of Debrecen completed the sale of the industrial area designated for the construction of the new car factory to BMW Manufacturing Hungary Kft. through its real estate development company. The agreed purchase price covers all the costs incurred by the Municipality in acquiring the property and developing the nearly 400-hectare industrial site.

The site for the construction of the factory was to be handed over to the BMW Group in a technical condition suitable for the implementation of the investment. The municipality confirmed that the land was taken over by the buyer and the purchase price was paid in accordance with the contract.

Compared to the original contract, the parties agreed on changes to the deadlines for some development elements. These changes apply to non-industrial infrastructures and are in line with BMW’s investment schedule, so they do not in any way hinder further developments within the industrial area.

Developments affected by the deadline change are the development of the telecommunications network, drinking water, sewage, stormwater pipeline, gas supply, road connections, intermodal center.


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