Budapest – The Best European Destination for 2019

European Best Destinations Award 2019

Photo credit: Image by cristalmorando from Pixabay

European Best Destinations (EBD) is regularly promoting the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. More than half a million people have voted for the best European destinations for the tenth edition of the competition this and the overall winner is Budapest.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is officially the best city in Europe to visit according to the peoples vote.

Budapest is not only one the safest cities on the planet, but it is stunning with a rich architectural and historical heritage.

“Budapest has the elegance of Paris, the architectural heritage of Vienna, the charm of Porto, and Stockholm’s gentle way of life” – according to the European Best Destinations (EBD).

Budapest’s victory is overwhelming and heart-warming. Budapest will be authorized to display the title “European Best Destination” in their marketing, but the city will be promoted through the year by European Best Destinations.

Congratulations to Budapest from Debrecen!

Debrecen enjoyed its own great success in 2018, winning the Financial Times “ Best FDI Strategy Award” in the category of European cities with the population of 200,000-250,000.

Photo credit: European Best Destinations EBD


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