Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable 2019


Debrecen Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable already celebrated its 1st year anniversary.

Debrecen Business Service Centres BSC Roundtable 2 - Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable 2019
Debrecen Business Service Centers (BSC)

The Debrecen Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable was founded in 2018 and it celebrated its 1st year anniversary on Wednesday (20th February). The ceremony was hold at the Forest Office Debrecen office building where Laszlo Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen, announced that Forest Office has its first tenants, BMW and EPAM.

The aim of the Debrecen Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable is that its members jointly raise awareness of the SSC business service, its value-creating activities in the region as well as provide insight into the modern and dynamically developing SSC environment and the diverse career opportunities.

Members of the Debrecen Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable

The members of the Debrecen Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable are 7 SSC companies operating in Debrecen: British Telecom, CloudAgents, Diehl Aviation Hungary, Flowserve Hungary Services, IT Services Hungary Kft., NI Hungary Kft. and Transcosmos Kft.

The BSC roundtable decided to launch a course entitled ”Business Services Basics” at the University of Debrecen to provide students with real-life examples and first-hand experience. The members of the BSC roundtable are actively participating in compiling the course curriculum.

BMW and EPAM Are the First Tenants of the Forest Office Debrecen

BMW announced the opening of a new plant in Debrecen last year, while EPAM has been present in Debrecen for years. EPAM Systems, US-based and owned company, is one of the world’s leading software developers and one of the fastest growing technology companies of the world. The digital solutions developed by EPAM are mainly focused on: financial services, travel and catering, retail, media and entertainment, as well as in health care.

The Forest Office was built as the part of the New Phoenix Plan. The Forest Office is the largest A-class, LEED Gold-certified office building of Eastern Hungary.

Forest Office has a total of 22,000 square feet of flexibly divisible office space where 2500 people can work. The special feature of the office building are the three “shield walls” that are illuminated by LED lights. Forest Offices Debrecen has also been nominated for the Office of the Year competition.


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