Five Charter Flights to Debrecen This Summer, More Planned

In 2020, you can fly to new destinations from Debrecen simply and easily.


As previously announced you can fly to Kefalonia, Greece with a charter flight from Debrecen this summer. In addition to this new destination, other four charter flights have already been contracted with travel agents.

In addition to Kefalonia, you could fly to the island of Zakinthos (Greece) and Antalya (Turkey) from Debrecen in 2020. There is also an agreement signed with a Bulgarian charter with the planes going to Burgas on the Black Sea coast, and another one with an Egyptian charter flight to launch aircraft between Debrecen and Gurdaka (Hurghada) on the Red Sea.

According to János Vajda, CEO of the Debrecen International Airport, travel agencies are thinking of other destinations as well, which will be decided on the basis of their interest during the booking period and the experience at the January travel fair.

Wizz Air launched three vacation flights last spring including Larnaca (Cyprus), Palma de Mallorca, (Spain) and Valletta (Malta). It was originally planned that these three flights will only run until late autumn, but due to great success, the flights to Malta and Cyprus have been retained for winter and early spring. However, all three flights will be available again this spring.

Flights from Debrecen to Barcelona (Spain) and Tel Aviv, the second-largest city in Israel, will be served this summer and also throughout the year.

Of course, you can fly to many other cities including London, Doncaster, Dortmund, Basel, Eindhoven, Paris, Milan, and Moscow. Thanks to Lufthansa you can take a short flight to Munich and from there go anywhere.

Photo credit: Image by Bilal EL-Daou from Pixabay