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Christmas Debrecen: It is time to donate

Christmas in Debrecen is not only about presents, but about donations too. The Christmas donation house „Add tovább!” opened his gates on Wednesday, stated Attila Fülöp, State Secretary for Social Affairs and Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Human Resources. 

One of the most important messages of the advent is that we did not born to be lonely, and there is always a smaller or larger community behind us that help us if we are in trouble. 

 „The Donation House „Add tovább!” is a prefect example  to show that we are all resposnible to care for each other and it is good to experience the care of others”,he said. 

László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP), Mayor of Debrecen, reminded us that many people are living in difficult situation, and struggling with everyday problems; and they would like to help them with donations to have a better Christmas. 

He added that the local government send about 3,000 packages to the most deprived families this year. The Debrecen Charitable Body (Debreceni Karitatív Testület) has coordinated the collection and distribution of donations at the 4th time. The donation house „Add tovább!” located at Kossuth Square receives more and more donations  from year to year. The donations are expected until 23 December this year.

Photo credit: anncapictures from Pixabay



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