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Civaqua: The reservoir near Vezér Street is now finished

The 1.2-hectare balancing reservoir will be an interesting addition to the area while serving welfare purposes, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Ákos Balázs said.

The construction works of the first phase of the Civaqua project are still on schedule, with 90 percent of the pipeline laying already completed and the remaining works to be finished by the end of November, Ákos Balázs announced.  

He reviewed the progress of the program with experts, the Tiszántúli Water Management Directorate staff, and the green working group members.

The deputy mayor said that it is important to note that the planning of Phase 2A is going on in parallel. “We are also working with experts to ensure the final plans are ready, as they will ensure the program’s continuation. We want to have the plans for Phase 2/A ready by the time Phase 1 is completed,” he added. 

The first phase of the Civaqua program will bring the water of the Tisza from the Eastern Main Canal to the Tócó stream. Thirteen kilometers of the pipeline will take the water underground to the junction at Bodaszőlő. The water then flows from the balancing reservoir through two kilometers of so-called gravity pipelines and arrives at the Tócó stream in an open water bed. 

As part of the first phase, the pumping station that supplies water to the system from the Eastern Main Canal is being upgraded, and 15 kilometers of pipelines are being built, which are almost complete. The 63-meter difference in level between the main canal and the balancing reservoir requires an increase in the capacity of the pumping station. 

In the area of Vezér street, a balancing reservoir was created on 1.2 hectares, with an earthwork of about 22 thousand cubic meters, which will also serve welfare purposes and will be an interesting feature of the area. 

The first phase of the Civaqua project is due to be completed in November 2023, while the preparation of the second phase is already underway and should be finished by spring 2024.

The so-called Phase 2/A will take the water to Kondoros, which will provide water to the Great Forest and, from there, to the Fancsikai Lakes.  

Phase 2/B means the Lake Vekeri and the welfare improvements submitted for the ideas competition that will be incorporated into the latter.  Examples of welfare improvements submitted to the ideas competition include the “hydroelectric power plant” planned for the section in Józsa or the sauna house for the Fancsikai lakes; the plans will be reviewed for feasibility with the help of experts.

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