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Climathon Debrecen 2019

Debrecen took part in the LIFE IP HungAIRy program in October with a comprehensive review of Debrecen's efforts to improve air quality.

The Municipality of Debrecen is participating in the LIFE IP HungAIRy project with the cooperation of the Herman Otto Institute Nonprofit Ltd., the National Meteorological Service, and ten other municipalities.

Climathon Debrecen 2019, the 24-hour event began at 10 a.m. on October 25th 2019 with the aim to addresses climate change issues.

The working groups were focused on solutions to reduce air pollution in the city from the perspective of waste management. The best of which will be transformed into a tangible, effective project with the help of the Debrecen municipality and the organizers.

Twenty-four members of six groups develop viable, tangible and feasible solutions to reduce air pollution, mainly from waste, to improve the well-being of Debrecen residents.

The municipality wants to establish fortifications around the city that would reduce the concentration of dust, while paying close attention to the protection of the Great Forest. Debrecen has recently distributed a total of 7,500 composting pots to citizens in need.

Cleaning up illegally placed garbage consumes a lot of energy in the city and nationwide each and every year. This has been recognized by environmentally conscious people in Debrecen, and they are actively participating to continuously improve the rubbish collecting action.

The project entitled ” LIFE IP HungAIRy” is founded by the European Union to improve air quality in 8 Hungarian regions by implementing targeted actions.

Photo credit: Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 



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