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Collection of used cooking oil has started in Debrecen

Debrecen joined the establishment of the Circular Economy Technology Platform as a founding member and started to collect used cooking oil.

Small, medium, and large companies, such as MOL, and universities, including the University of Debrecen joined the he Circular Economy Technology Platform, initiated by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. The aim of the platform is to cooperate and work together on the development of a circular economy in Hungary, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Ákos Balázs said.

The deputy mayor said that they are working in the Future of Debrecen movement to continuously introduce new environmental measures in Debrecen, and now they have installed 40 collection points for used cooking oil in Debrecen.

One liter of used cooking oil can pollute one million liters of water, and it can be prevented by collecting it; – it would also be a huge step forward in environmental protection, the deputy mayor stressed.

Residents can now put used cooking oil, cooking fat, coconut oil, and palm oil – only used household cooking oil, not motor oil – in sealed plastic bottles in containers at home. Used cooking oil should not poured into the containers, but placed in a sealed plastic bottle together with the bottle. If drips do occur, they will be caught by the drip tray underneath the container, so that the ground underneath the container cannot be contaminated.

Biotrans Ltd, which collects the used cooking oil and is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, produces biodiesel and biogas from it, which also contributes to the energy security of the country.

Anyone can get specially designed funnels to collect used cooking via the website of Future of Debrecen. It will also be available at the customer service of the Debrecen Waterworks Ltd. (Hatvan Street 12-14), during opening hours.

A map of the locations of the used cooking oil collection containers can be found at

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