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Update On Main Railway Station Construction Plans

The tender for the construction of the Debrecen Main Railway Station was completed in the winter of 2018, but then the construction did not start. The investor Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. chose not to enter into a contract with the building company HUNÉP at the time.

The Debrecen Mayor’s Office said at the time that the plans needed to be revised because “due to industrial and economic developments, there is a significant growth is expected in the public transport passenger and freight sector, which was not included in the plan”.

Although delayed, the re-construction of Debrecen Main Railway Station has not been removed from the agenda, moreover, it is still one of the most important developments of the Debrecen 2030 program.

Mayor László Papp now proposes to the city assembly to give HUF 35,5 million from the state resources of Debrecen 2030 to Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. for the preparation of the new feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis. If the representatives vote for this, the work can start this year.

The mayor’s proposal also reveals how the original ideas would change:

1.) The implementation of the 2 roundabouts originally planned on the east-west side of the Homokkerti overpass can be omitted, its construction is not justified.

2.) Regarding the reconstruction of the tram network, it is recommended to keep the current loop terminal. The construction of a new 4 track head terminal is not justified.

3.) The development of the bus station under the road 4 greatly increases the cost of project implementation because of the dewatering of the large area. Therefore, it is recommended to place the bus station on the surface instead.

4.) The architectural redesign of new buildings and the existing building, as well as the abandonment of large-area glass structures, can significantly reduce construction costs while maintaining the functionality of the buildings. Buildings designed according to original plans do not meet the requirements of the regulation, and so they cannot obtain a building permit. Consequently there is a need for redesign.

5.) The “A” building of the Debrecen railway station would have been demolished under the old plan, but this would only be possible if the transformer, switch garden, poles, and wires were relocated beforehand. If the intermodal project is implemented later than a railway program, it is recommended to move this element to a railway program.

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