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Construction of the cycle path to Kismacs is underway

The details of the proposed construction plan for the bicycle path between Debrecen-Kismacs were presented by city leaders.

A three-kilometer cycle path will connect Debrecen with Kismacs, and then it continues towards the BMW factory, providing a link to Nagymacs. In the future, it will lead to Hortobágy, serving everyday transport and tourism purposes, MP Lajos Kósa said at the press conference. The cycle path is needed for everyday transport, as residents of Kismacs and Nagymacs have indicated that they would like to cycle to Debrecen, but this is impossible on the main road 33. Lajos Kósa thanked both the Government of Hungary and the Municipality of Debrecen for their help in implementing the project. As he said, the network of cycle paths in Debrecen is constantly expanding, and the city is performing outstandingly well in this field. This cycle path is much needed in the neighborhoods concerned, and hopefully, everyone will be happy to use it.  

According to Erzsébet Katona, the local representative of the area, significant improvements have been made in Kismacs and Nagymacs over the past two years to meet the population’s needs. Home selective waste collection has been launched in Kismacs, road network improvements have been made during the development of Napraforgó Street and the dual carriageway widening of Highway 33. In response to requests from residents, the dirt roads are being straightened and graded, and mud plows have been prepared in the spring and autumn. Covered bus shelters have also been installed. The energy modernisation of the kindergarten in Kismacs is nearing completion; the technical handover is taking place in the next few days. She was pleased to see the extension of the playground, which will also be handed over to the local community in the coming days. The municipality has helped improve the living conditions by planting trees and building a protective fence and adapting the route of the 33Y bus service to the needs of the residents to make it easier to access services lacking in Kismacs, such as a pharmacy. She thanked the municipality for the significant attention given to Kismacs, and said that the improvements would continue.

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp stressed that the works had started a few weeks ago, with the construction of the cycle path in Kismacs being carried out by machines. Debrecen has made great progress in the construction of cycle paths in recent years, and the city will continue to face major challenges in the coming years. Including the cycle paths to be completed this year, Debrecen’s network of cycle paths will reach 108 kilometers, and this will increase further by the end of the current EU planning cycle. Sections of cycle paths are being built along the busiest roads leading into the city. The Balmazújvárosi Road section of the main road 33 is one of the busiest access roads to Debrecen. This cycle path is now being built along this road, which will allow safe access to the Northwestern Economic Zone. The cycle path is also being built along Kishegyesi Road to the industrial park on Határ Road. In the south and south-eastern part of the city, new cycle paths will be built in addition to the existing ones. The development of the 471 main road, and along the Sámsoni Road also includes the extension of the cycle path network. Along the main road 35, on the Böszörményi Road, a section of cycle paths has already been completed. By the end of the current EU planning cycle, facilities guaranteeing safe cycling will be completed along all major roads leading to Debrecen. Debrecen would also like to use Top Plus funds to ensure access to tourist destinations by means of cycle routes in the coming years, the mayor stressed.

The deadline for constructing the cycle path in Kismacs is the 15th of August 2022.

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