Continental Smart Factory – Development Progress


In September 2018 Continental announced the placement of the foundation stone to an ambitious Smart Electronics factory located in Debrecen South Industrial Park.  The investment of 100 Million Euro will meet the needs of the automotive industry for automotive electronics and bring 450 new jobs to Debrecen. From Continental’s 30 production facilities, with this latest factory, seven from the 30 are based in Hungary, employing 8000 people.

The site development is on track for production to begin in 2020. 

Continental announced that the factory will be a site of innovation, including the latest industry 4.0 technology, enabling complete traceability, traceability, and automation.  The goal is to provide the most efficient of facilities, thus ensuring job security well into the future.  Environmental protection is also high on the agenda for Continental with a stated goal that the building will achieve LEED Gold Certification.

At the current rate of development the production hall and the first production line will be completed at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2019 while serial production is scheduled to begin a year later.

Built for the Future – Industry 4.0

The very idea of smart factory design means that it is designed and built with progress and innovation in mind, it is designed to be adaptable to changing requirements with everything interconnected. This includes machines, facilities, people and IT systems, all are networked at a global level, and therefore structured to provide immediate feedback on machine and workforce activity.  The end goal is the most efficient factory possible, ultimately leading to zero emissions.

For the worker, job satisfaction is essential, central to the design. Attractive modern offices, ample parking, restrooms, restaurant and cafe and even electric car charging stations have been included.  There is even a dedicated rest building with sports ground as shown in the video.  Everything to ensure satisfied workers.