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COVID-19 Update: Border Lockdown in a Nutshell

Gergely Gulyás, the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, stated last week that most of the COVID-19 infections are of foreign origin, and to stop bringing the virus into Hungary the Hungarian government will introduce restrictions on the border. 

The minister said the second wave of the epidemic had begun in Europe and the number of infected people in Hungary has also increased; however, Hungary is still in better shape than most.

Hungarians who enter the country must present two negative tests, which they must pay for. Starting September 1st, only tests performed in Hungary will be accepted. Tests performed abroad will be invalid.

According to the detailed rules, the exceptions are as before, including:

  • Military travel between business convoys and affiliates.
  • Commute for daily work within 30 km of the border.
  • Transit through the humanitarian corridor will continue to be provided in accordance with the previous rules.

There will be no epidemiological classification or different rules for different countries. All external countries are being given a red classification. 

Rules for Non-Hungarian Citizen Entering Hungary

A non-Hungarian citizen may not enter the territory of Hungary. Exceptions are specified by law or government decree. The police authority may authorize entry if the applicant can prove the purpose of entry is one of the following:-

(a) Participation in court cases or official proceedings in Hungary, certified by a document issued by a Hungarian court or authority.

(b) Business or other work for if there is a letter of invitation from a central government, an independent regulatory body or an autonomous public administration;

(c) Access to healthcare by a referral from a healthcare institution or other appropriate means;

(d) Fulfillment of an obligation to study if the student or pupil status is certified by a document issued by an educational establishment;

(e) Travel in passenger transport in connection with work or a transport activity, with the aim of arriving at the place of departure of the transport task (place of commencement of work) or returning in person after such work, if evidenced by a certificate issued by the employer.

f) Participation in family events (marriage, baptism, funeral).

g) Care of a relative in accordance with Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code;

h) Participation in a sporting, cultural or church event of major international importance.

(i) A justifiable reason other than points (a) to (h).

It is also possible for senior officials or employees of an affiliated company to enter Hungary as part of a business trip. A person arriving from the territory of any state for business purposes may enter the territory of Hungary.

The rules now adopted are expected to remain in force for a month.

Photo credit: Elliot Alderson from Pixabay 


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