Creche Development Program Underway in Debrecen

In the next few years, four new creches will be built by the Municipal of Debrecen.


There are currently 1,100 children in 12 creches in Debrecen. Although this might seem a lot, the current availability doesn’t meet the needs of the city.

At the beginning of the education year 2018, there were already children who did not have a creche place.

“The purpose of the leaders of the city as well as the Government is to increase childbirth and further support families. The aim of the state and the local government is to create the infrastructure conditions for families to provide their children with a joyful childhood, and for parents, not see children as a heavy burden.

Currently, there are currently 50,000 creche places in the country, which the government wants to expand to 70,000 by 2022. Debrecen is not only renovating the existing creches and kindergartens within the framework of the “Thoughtful City” (Gondoskodó város) program, but we also want to build new creches in those parts of the city where many young families live and where many children are born”, stressed Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen.

“The Fidesz-KDNP faction saw that more families want to put their children in the creches and therefore decided for the construction of four new creches in Debrecen, with an average of 100 seats each. Thus, Debrecen will be able to meet not only the current but also the future requirements”, said Ákos Balázs, Head of the Fidesz-KDNP in Debrecen.

Local Government Builds Creches in Józsa, Postakert and Tócóvölgy

There are currently 426 children in Debrecen-Jozsa who should be enrolled in creches, while the creche school service is not available there. To solve the problem, two creches will be developed there. One will be built next to the Gönczy Pál kindergarten, and the development will start after the evaluation of the tender and the procurement procedure. As a result of the increasing demand, the other creche with 96-seat and 8 classrooms will be built in the Lower Józsa (Alsó-Józsa).

A new creche with 96 beds will be built from TOP sources at Postakert street, and one in Tócóvölgy, next to the kindergarten.

The creche in Ősz street was built 50 years ago and was not renovated in the past years. Now, the local government spent a total of 413.8 million HUF on the building. The doors and windows were replaced, the building was insulated and the electrical systems were modernized. The construction is currently 80 per cent ready, and the creche and kindergarten children will be re-opened in September.

Debrecen is family-friendly and supports the employment of mothers with small children

Debrecen won the title of “Family-friendly city” in fall 2018 providing recognition of the city efforts of supporting families: Families in Debrecen receive many benefits, from the preferential transport to the participation of diverse city programs.

The city is spending more than 3 billion HUF on developing new creche and more than 2 billion to renovate the existing 12 institutions, six of which have have been completely renovated to support the employment of mothers with small children.


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