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Cycle path developments are underway in Debrecen

The network of cycle paths in Debrecen is set to grow by nearly 20 kilometers by the end of the year.

As reported, Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said that the city plans to have 108 kilometres of cycle paths by the end of 2022.

In the eastern part of the city, the construction of a three-kilometer cycle path to Kismacs has started. 

A successful tender was launched to construct cycle paths in the western part of the city, while the Kishegyes road development also includes elements of cycle paths. Between Kishegyesi út and Egressy Béni Square, the existing cycle path along Kishegyesi Road will be extended to the NI Hungary plant and the first industrial park entrance on Határ Road. This will mean more than 4 km of new cycle path.

In addition, a contractor has been selected to build a cycle path on the western road (Nyugati kiskörút) and in the surrounding areas. According to the mayor, 11.7 kilometers of cycle paths will be built in this part of the city.

The mayor said that further investments are planned with the help of EU funds. If funds are granted, Debrecen’s cycle path network would increase to nearly 130 kilometers by 2027-2028.

Between Debrecen and Pallag, a 4.2-kilometer cycle path would be built, for which the design plans have already been drawn up, and the tender is awaited.

On Móricz Zsigmond Boulevard, a combined pavement and cycle path is planned for 1.3 km to improve access to the clinics. It will affect a Natura 2000 site and will therefore take longer to obtain approval. The aim is to start this year’s design process and construction in 2023.

An additional 800 m of cycle path would be built along Kassai Road. In addition, a cycle path link between Kismacs and Látókép would be created, with a length of 7.3 km.

László Papp said that thanks to the Civaqua program, Lake Vekeri, and its surroundings will be revitalized in the future. A 5.7-kilometer cycle path will be built from the main road 47, which would connect to the existing Debrecen-Mikepércs cycle path.

Plans also include the construction of a one and a half kilometer cycle path between Borzán Gáspár Street and Monostorpályi Road, and a shorter 600-meter cycle path on Nagyerdei Boulevard between the Faculty of Music and the Pálma pub.

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