Dataflow Business Conference for SMES


Today, the data-driven management of companies has become a global trend. DataExpert Services Kft. is trying to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Debrecen with this approach to business.

The two-day conference, DataFlow, will enable small and middle-size enterprises to get insights into their data-driven decision processes.

The overwhelming majority of business conferences are held in Budapest, so business executives in the country are forced to take the time to travel there. The DataFlow Conference aims to change that.

László Papp, the mayor of Debrecen, assured that the city administration supports any initiative that will benefit the economy of Debrecen.

DataFlow Conference will feature lectures from Budapest and local companies, including Microsoft Marketing Manager or Marketing Director of the INNONIC Group. On the first day, eight executives will participate in lectures to learn how to make good use of data, how to make work organization more efficient, or how to make informed decisions. On the second day, participants will be able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

DataFlow will be held on September 26-27 at the Aquaticum Hotel. The organizers are expecting an audience of more than a hundred on the first day. Information and registration are available here.


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