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Day Nurseries in the City Can No Longer Accept Only Local Children

Due to the saturation of rural nurseries with a small number of places, the demand for nursery care for children from settlements close to Debrecen has increased.

However, the local rules have not allowed the admission of children not residing in Debrecen.

Ágnes Malinkó, Head of the Institutional Maintenance Department of the Municipality of Debrecen, has therefore proposed to the City Assembly that children from outside Debrecen should also be able to use Debrecen’s nurseries if they have a vacant place after the applications of the children with a Debrecen address have been filled.

The general assembly ruled in favor of this proposal, meaning that it will now be possible once all children in Debrecen have been allocated a place, that is, if places are still available.

The assembly adopted the proposal without debate, and the amendment will enter into force once published.

The Head of the Department also proposed in her presentation that the fees in social and child welfare institutions should not be increased, which was also supported by the Assembly.

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