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Debrecen 2018: Development Projects in Review.

Lajos Kósa, Minister and László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, announced further details on all developments that will be implemented within the the Modern Cities Program.

The last contract was signed in autumn 2017, and the planned developments will affect the narrower and wider region of cities, said Mr. Kósa at the latest press conference. The Minister called the Modern Cities Program as a development program of rural Hungary, which has a budget of 3500 billion and it includes around 250 projects altogether.

600 billion forints have already been allocated to the preparation of the tenders and the remaining amounts will be paid out for the completion of the different projects. 60 projects were handled exclusively by the government, and another 70 projects did not require any governmental decision. There are about 47 projects that need to be re-negotiated because the terms of the contract have to be redefined.

In case of Debrecen, the city has already received roughly 25 billion forint from the agreed 95 billion.

What are the biggest projects and developments in Debrecen in 2018-2019?

The main development project of Debrecen is the construction of the main railway station but the technical changes will require the re-issue the public procurement tender. Once it is successfully closed, the work will begin in the spring and early summer 2019.

Debrecen already spent 3 billion forints on the development of the industrial parks, but to further expand the city, the airport requires needs further expansion. Debrecen is planning to invest another 4 billion forints on the expansion of the airport, since the terminal capacity does not allow it to carry more passengers without further development.

The plans of the International School of Debrecen are completed, the school has already received more than 160 million forints, while the local government allocated 45 million HUF to the renovation of the Csokonai Theater which could cost 6 billion forints at the end. The city has received about half a billion forints for the development of the public baths as well.

“The hotel capacity in Debrecen is not enough if there is a significant increase in inbound tourism, and it will be necessary to expand”, confirmed Mr. Papp, Mayor of Debrecen.


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