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Debrecen Airport – New Flights Details attended the Debrecen Travel Fair on Saturday 2nd March and we took the opportunity to speak to many exhibitors, including Debrecen Airport. Previously, we have written about the new routes planned for 2019 but the dates were initially a little vague.

We are happy to report that, Wizz Air will be flying to 13 cities in 2019. From these 13 routes 7 are new, with four beginning in December 2018 and three more starting in the next few months.

Larnaca, Cyprus
Majorca, Spain (March 31st onwards)Sunday
Valletta, Malta (from May 1st)MondayFriday

According to Wizzair the airline experienced an increase of 17 percent in passengers in 2018 over the previous year. With the new aircraft, a Airbus A320, the additional flights and capacity will mean that in 2019 the airline will have a capacity of over 500,000 passengers.

Wizzair Paris
Wizzair Eindhoven
Wizzair Tel Aviv
Wizzair Doncaster
Wizzair London
Wizzair Dortmund
Wizzair Milan
Wizzair Moscow
Wizzair Basel
Wizzair Palma de Mallorca
Wizzair Larnaca
Wizzair Valletta
(5 flights a week – likely to increase)

As a result of a growing interest in the city from German businesses it is likely new routes will be needed to Germany in future years. Leipzig is also an easy

In addition to the above mentioned fixed flights, there are chartered flights available during the summer months in 2019, to Zakynthos-Greece, Antalya-Turkey, the Burgas in the Black Sea and Hurghada in Egypt.



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