Debrecen Airport News: Brand New Runway + Flight to Cardiff

The first flights of Wizz Air from Debrecen to London started in 2012, since then Wizz Air now flies to 13 cities and further developments are coming


As we previously wrote, Wizz Air is already flying to 13 cities from Debrecen in 2019. From these 13, four started at the beginning of December 2018 and three more started in spring 2019.

As reported, Wizz Air has already experienced an increase of 17 per cent in passengers in 2018 over the previous year. With the new aircraft, an Airbus A320, the additional flights and capacity will mean that in 2019 the airline will have a capacity of over 500,000 passengers.

Mayor László Papp and József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air have recently confirmed further cooperation between the airline and the city.

The municipality of Debrecen is planning significant improvements at the airport.

Currently, preparation of a significant airport development program is taking place in Debrecen, and we can see some steps of this process. László Papp highlighted the terminal building has been expanded, which was necessary due to the recent increase in the number of passengers.

“We are planning to increase the capacity of the passenger safety zone and put two new automatic passport control gates into operation. The testing of the equipment is expected in the next few days. In addition, two new passenger gates have been developed. We will set up seven-passenger steps, service cars, a new luggage carrying and a modern passenger information system. We will significantly increase the parking capacity by 180 parking lots, build a new gate and install tow parking machines”, said László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen.

The tender for the operation of the shop and the buffet is in progress. Once it is closed, the municipality will establish a joint venture with the winning company to benefit from future profits.

The unused 80-meter runway will be demolished and a 2.5-kilometer-long 45-meter-wide new track with associated technical equipment, along with the ILS-3 delivery system will be built. The government will provide the necessary support for this.

Special flight from Debrecen to Cardiff organized to support Hungarian national football team game.

József Váradi announced that they will launch a flight for fans, from Debrecen to Cardiff, to enable fans from Debrecen to support the Hungarian national football team.

The plane will take off in the morning and fly back to Debrecen in the evening after the game. Tickets can already be booked for the flight.


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