This Debrecen Autumn Festival 2018 Promises to be Special


From fairy tales for Children, popular music and symphonic music, there is a wide range of genres awaiting audiences at the 21st Debrecen Autumn Festival in 2018. This celebration of culture is open for visitors from the 7th – 16th of November. The organizers were thinking of all ages while figuring out the programmes.

Last year, the 60th jubilee performance of András Berecz was a great part of the Autumn Festival. This year we once again welcome the well-known story-teller to Debrecen. The programs of the 21st  Debrecen Autumn Festival includes a musical that will showcase the talent of both able body and disabled individuals.

“It’s unique in Hungary, that both able-bodied and disabled persons play in a joint show because it is not certain that people have ever seen anything like this before. People are wondering what a disabled person can offer to their fellow humans and vice versa. I think we can learn a lot from each other and we are trying to bring this idea to the stage.” – said Botond Betuker, the director of the Magic Words Musical.

The organizers of the festival have been created a diverse and varied programme this year.

 “We wanted to strengthen meeting points by carrying out a double concert with the Brains band and the Dohnányi Band in the Kölcsey symphonic series. Mixing the popular music with the symphony music.” – said Edit Bódor, managing director of the Főnix Event Organizer Ltd.

According to Mr. Szabolcs Komolay, deputy mayor of Debrecen: The Autumn Festival is one of the most significant programmes in the city’s cultural life.

– It fits well with the concept that the city has targeted for itself. Namely, we would like to present a cultural offer in Debrecen which can be true to its reputation and is worthy of the objective of Debrecen, to fulfill the leading cultural role in the region. – emphasized Mr. Szabolcs Komolay, deputy Major.  

The Lyra Symphony Band of Debrecen celebrates its 70th anniversary with a jubilee concert. Kids will not be bored because, besides the fairy tales, they can also enjoy concerts and handicraft classes. You can find the most up to date listing of the program of the Autumn Festival by clicking here.


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