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Spring Festival – Celebrating Debrecen as Capital of Hungary.

Debrecen has organized the Debrecen Spring Festival for nearly three decades. The festival brings music concerts and theater performances and outstanding local fine arts to the streets of Debrecen.

“Debrecen, the capital of freedom” is one of the most interesting programs of the Debrecen Spring Festival. The aim of the events is to remind us that Debrecen was the capital of Hungary back in 1849.
In addition to historical commemorations, many concerts, theater performances, film shows and exhibitions will help us to remember this wonderful time. The series of events named as “Debrecen, the capital of freedom”, will be organized in collaboration of a range of local cultural institutions.

“We would like to reach out to as many people as possible through the events, to strengthen national consciousness,”- Szabolcs Komolay, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen.

During the festival, the city will also hold its traditional events including the Bakator Wine and Gastronomy Festival, the 12th Children’s and Youth Folk Dance Festival of the Carpathian Basin – featuring different ensembles from Partium and Transylvania.

The Reformed Church was reunited in the Carpathian Basin 10 years ago and the Hungarian Reformed Unity Day will be celebrated on May 18 in Debrecen.

Upcoming events include the XVIII. Masquerade event, the Mangalica festival, and the Bach festival, not forgetting the Deszka Festival.



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