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Debrecen City Card is Launched

Residents with a permanent address in Debrecen can now request the Debrecen City Card and enjoy the benefits, including discounts to the new Aquaticum Debrecen Strand, opening in June.

The city administration has been examining the introduction of a Debrecen city card for many years. Now, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, a unique solution was born. The Debrecen city card is the first smart city card based on the e-identity card.

The card is much more than just a discount card: it is an identity card. It is a symbol of the cooperation that characterizes Debrecen – said Deputy Mayor Diána Széles.

Anyone can apply for a Debrecen city card who has a permanent Debrecen address that is at least 3 years old.

A valid identity card, address card, email address, and a one-time production fee of HUF 1,000 are required to apply. The card is valid for 3 years and cannot be extended. The Home Office Register (CCI) queries the system to verify eligibility each time it is used.

The card can be made in 3 places from June 2, 2020:

  • Malompark [DV Parking Customer Service Office],
  • Pallagi út / Aquaticum [VisitDebrecen PopUp sales point],
  • Nagyerdei Stadium [DVSC Shop],
  • Customer service: Malompark II., I. floor, DV Parking office

From June 15, it can be used immediately at 3 acceptance points:

  • Aquaticum Debrecen Beach – you can buy tickets and passes up to 30 percent cheaper in the new Aquaticum Debrecen Beach
  • Zoo Debrecen – You can buy discounted annual passes:
  • Adult pass: HUF 12,000 instead of HUF 15,000
  • Pensioner’s pass: HUF 10,000 instead of HUF 13,000
  • Student pass: HUF 9,000 instead of HUF 12,000
  • Child pass: HUF 8,000 instead of HUF 11,000
  • DKV Transporation in Debrecen – Pass or ticket can also be purchased with the card

The size of the Debrecen city card is the same as the existing identity card. On one side you can find the photo of the Great Church, the Debrecen logo, and the card number. On the other side is a photo of the owner, which is either taken at the place of application or, if the owner has an e-ID, is transferred from his ID to the city card. In addition, this page includes the name of the owner and the expiration date of the city card.

When the holder uses the city card, the validity of the card is checked at the point of acceptance either by its serial number or, if the point of acceptance has the necessary card reader, by means of a built-in chip. The system is linked to the records of the Ministry of the Interior, so they can provide immediate, up-to-date information on whether the owner has a permanent address in Debrecen.

If the owner moves out of Debrecen before the expiration date, a letter will be sent to the e-mail address provided to suspend the validity of the card, but if the owner proves his entitlement, will be able to use it again.

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