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Debrecen cycle path network could reach 130 km in length by 2030

Debrecen's network of cycle paths is constantly expanding and could reach 130 kilometers by 2030. 

In 2020, Debrecen had 80 kilometers of cycle path in its network. This year, the length of cycle paths could reach 108 kilometers, and it may even reach 130 kilometers by 2030.

In March, for example, another section of the cycle path network in the eastern part of the city was inaugurated, completed along the Diószegi Road to make traffic safer.

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said that Diószegi Road is one of the busiest access routes to the city, which is why the cycle path development program was a priority to ensure safe cycling in the eastern part of the city. The improvements will be completed in a few months when a fully connected 8-kilometer section will be available.

It is also planned to create a cycle path between Debrecen and Kismacs and extend it along the main road as part of the road 33 development to the Northwestern Economic Zone and towards Hortobágy.  Work is also underway in the Kishegyesi Road area.  

The government has allocated HUF 4 billion to prepare and plan cycle routes. Hajdú-Bihar will receive HUF 200 million in the 2021-27 EU development cycle.

Zoltán Pajna, chairman of the county assembly, said that 77 km of cycle paths had been ordered. The county government will use HUF 54 million for the permit plans for the Debrecen-Józsa, Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúvid, and Hajdúdorog cycle paths.

The planned city and county cycle path improvements will increase local cycling and boost cycling tourism in the area and reduce pollution.

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