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Debrecen Green city program

Parks will be renewed in eleven districts from HUF 6 billion.

A program to renovate Parks, promenades, playgrounds is underway in Debrecen, in addition, a fitness park is being built in several parts of Debrecen. The Green City Program of the New Phoenix Plan is the largest green space development program in Debrecen.

Housing estates (lakótelepek) have a significant role in the New Phoenix Plan, but the goal is to “make it as green as possible everywhere”. Designers strive to please everyone, as fitness parks and playgrounds are designed for different ages.

“It is important to have areas where older people can relax and where families have fun together,” Lajos Barcsa emphasized.

Aged, damage-prone trees were cut down and new trees have been planted, in consultation with tree experts. The Libakert, the Doboz estate (Dobozi lakótelep) and the Fényes Udvar have already been renovated.

Other developments are underway, such as the Vénkert, where there is a fifty percent completion rate. Here, too, playgrounds and a sports park were renewed. In the future, Villa Borsos will also be renovated, and the Vénkert Community Center will be built there.

Work has also begun in the Sestakert, the old asphalt pavement has been replaced between Thomas Mann and Mikszáth Kálmán Street, and the playground will be renewed here, as well as the addition of a fitness area.

Developments planned for Újkert are expected to start next year, but of course, Tócóskár and Tócóvölgy can’t be missed either. For example, the Holló László Promenade will be completely renovated and the cobblestone pavement will be replaced with paving stones. They will create a community space of over 200 square meters, and the Tócóvölgy will have a runway with rubber pavement and a dog area.



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