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Debrecen has more than 1,500 hectares of industrial park land

Debrecen is now among the top 30 cities in the European Union with more than 1,500 hectares of industrial park land.

In just five years, the total area of industrial parks in Debrecen has nearly quadrupled and thousands of new jobs have been and are being created by the companies that have moved in.

There are only 27 cities in the European Union with more than 1,500 hectares of industrial park land, and Debrecen is now one of them, according to the EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center.

According to EDC Debrecen’s calculations, Debrecen already has 1,862 hectares of industrial park land, of which 565 hectares are free. 

Only five years ago, the total area of industrial parks in Debrecen was less than 500 hectares, when the municipality started to develop the city’s new industrial park, the Southern Economic Zone, along the main road 47. Since then, more than HUF 10 billion has been spent on infrastructure development from state, EU and the city’s own resources. Recently, the government has allocated nearly HUF 100 billion in additional state funding for the development of the industrial zone.

Three German companies, Krones, Deufol and Vitesco Technologies, already operate plants there. The site will also house the logistics center of BHS Trans Ltd, the bus factory of ITK Holding, the Chinese Semcorp plant, and the EcoPro BM plant of South Korea. Small and medium-sized enterprises will soon be able to set up in the Southern Economic Zone, 11 of which will carry out manufacturing and 3 manufacturing services activities, creating 206 new jobs and investing HUF 10 billion in the Southern Economic Belt.

The Southern Economic Zone recently received the Industrial Park of the Year award at the National Investment Agency’s Gala.

In addition to the Southern Economic Zone,  the development of the 621-hectare Northwestern Economic Zone started in 2018 when BMW announced that it would build a plant on 400 hectares in Debrecen.  

The city assembly also recently decided to add more land to the Debrecen Regional and Innovation Science Technology Park on Határ út, which has been extended in several phases since NI Hungary started building there in 1999. The Határ Road Industrial Park employs thousands of people, and in addition to NI Hungary, companies such as Richter, FAG-Schaeffler, InterTanker Zrt, ITK Holding’s bus plant, FlexiForce, RR Donnelley and Sensirion‘s plant are also located there.

According to EDC calculations, the Western Industrial Park along Highway 33 covers 121 hectares, while the university industrial zone covers 83 hectares. The Eastern Industrial Park meanwhile covers a total of 129 hectares, with the Teva Pharmaceuticals factory located on 30 hectares.  

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