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Debrecen Helps Nurses with Mobile Phones and Computers

The municipality of Debrecen provided 50 desktop computers and 93 modern smartphones with unlimited internet access for the online operation of the nurse’s network. The purpose was to enable nurses to stay in close contact with mothers and babies even during the pandemic.
The DE KK Debrecen Institute for Primary Care and Health Development is an organization of 93 nurses, 62 regional and 31 kindergarten nurses in Debrecen. The new smart devices provide GDPR-compliant data transfer. Thanks to the development, the “Stefánia” nurse program used by regional nurses, this can now be accessed not only on desktop computers but nurses can also use it when visiting families through a simple app.

With the development of almost HUF 10 million (HUF 9,743,765), it is possible for nurses to provide all help to pregnant women and expectant mothers even during the epidemic.

Thanks are due to the nurses for doing everything for the health of mothers and children even during the pandemic.

Phot credit: Municipality Debrecen / János Miskolczi


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