Debrecen Hockey Team Adopted the Zoo’s Tigers

For the First Time in the History of Debrecen Zoo, a Sports Team Has Chosen to support Animals.


Zoo adoption is undergoing a renaissance in Debrecen Zoo. Individuals, companies, non-profit organizations were and still are keen to choose this effective form of support.

For the first time in the history of Debrecen Zoo, a sports team has chosen a pet to support. The DEAC hockey team chose the five-member Siberian tiger family to support.

The lifestyle of the Siberian Tigers is cold, snowy landscapes and the toughness of the breed symbolizes endurance, and was the reason behind the choice of the sports team. Their support contributes to feeding the animals, thus assisting to maintain and to grow the population of this rare species.

There are only about 3,600 tigers in the world, half of them in zoos and wildlife parks. The Siberian tigers, in particular, need special protection and support, as poaching and illegal trade led to extinction in the wild in the early 1900s. Thanks to species rescue programs, their numbers are growing, but today there are only 450-500 of this species, which is the largest tiger species.

The first tiger pair of the zoo arrived in Debrecen in 2014 under the European Species Conservation Program. Mishka and Rosa proved to be a successful breeding pair, having already given three offspring: Darius, Danava and Daria.


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