Debrecen Hosts a Prestigious Medical Conference


The North-East Hungarian Specialist Group of the Hungarian Society of Internal Medicine (Magyar Belgyógyász Társaság Észak-kelet Magyarországi Szakcsoport) held its two-day congress in Debrecen.

The event focused on national and international innovations. The medical congress with a history of over thirty years is held twice a year.

The conference topics covered the full range of internal medicine. At the meeting, physicians shared their latest national and international experiences.

“This conference helps internal medicine colleagues receive new information, become more effective in representing the holistic approach we expect from a well-trained internist in everyday patient care,” said Prof. Dr. György Parragh Chairman of the Society.

Debrecen is at the forefront in the treatment of hematopoietic and lymphatic diseases. The clinic carries out 100 transplants every year, which is unique in the country.

The congress also promoted the career development of young residents by joining the event with experienced internal medicine specialists. 180 people from the region attended the two-day conference.