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Debrecen International Airport expects a strong season

Debrecen International Airport is currently negotiating with travel agencies.

From 1st January, a new managing director will take over the management of the Debrecen airport company. The aviation sector has been significantly affected, firstly by the war and the coronavirus epidemic. Tamás Király, new managing director of Debrecen International Airport Kft., spoke about what to expect in the coming period in the local television, as Debrecen4U reported.

The primary objective is to restore the airport’s traffic to the level of 600,000 passengers per year in 2019 and to increase it in the medium and long term, he said, adding that  flights to Moscow and Kiev had to be canceled  due to the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is safe to say that the Moscow flight is a serious loss, as it has been operating steadily since 2017, he pointed out.

The managing director added that the popularity of the flights to Eindhoven, London, and Tel Aviv remains unchanged but that Wizz Air will discontinue the Paris flight in March.

The Cypriot destination, available all year round last year, has made a successful comeback, with many opting for a New Year’s Eve holiday by the sea.

They are currently negotiating with travel agents and are hoping for a strong season. Antalya in Turkey, for example, popular last year, will be back on offer, but they hope to be able to offer a wider choice. A survey of passengers was carried out in December and will be considered when negotiating with Wizz Air on a continuation, Tamás Király said.

An important task is to “compete with the energy market” in terms of energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions, he said, adding that  a priority is to further “green” airport facilities, service units, and ground handling equipment.

Tamás Király graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a degree in transport engineering in aviation processes and started working in logistics during his studies. He then continued his career at the aviation authority before joining Debrecen Airport in 2018. Here he was responsible for regulatory compliance, quality management, and aviation safety, and where he served as general deputy to the former managing director.

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