Debrecen International Airport Capacity to be Further Developed

The development of the Debrecen International Airport will begin immediately.


Passenger traffic at Debrecen International Airport developed dynamically in 2019. Debrecen Airport had served 500,000 passengers by October 11th, already an increase of 64% compared to the same period of the previous year. In the rest of the year, the passenger traffic of the airport increased by another 100,000 passengers.

According to the decision of the Hungarian Government, the airport’s security infrastructure will be further developed from government and municipal sources. HUF 3,138,730,000 will be allocated to the airport to provide an even faster and more convenient service.

In addition, the conditions for a safe operation will be improved through the development of a fire barracks and the acquisition of new fire-fighting vehicles. The government finances HUF 2,354,047,500 (75% of the costs) and the remaining 25% is provided by the municipality.

The government has also decided to provide the Debrecen International Airport with HUF 400 million per year to carry out the public authority tasks (fire brigade, air control).