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Debrecen International Airport to Start Modernisation

Debrecen International Airport has had a successful year, with a new specialist taking charge of operations from 1st January 2023.

Tamás Király, the new managing director of Debrecen International Airport Kft., said: this year, the focus will be on energy modernization and environmentally friendly development of the airport, and after 250,000 passengers last year, they expect at least 350,000 passengers in 2023, as Debrecen4U reported.

Debrecen International Airport handled a significant traffic volume in 2022: the total number of passengers departing and arriving at the airport reached the planned quarter of a million. This was mainly due to the launch of flights to Corfu and Burgas last June, among others, and the expansion of the summer charter offer. Meanwhile, the intensive airport development, which started in 2019, has continued.

The runway and taxiway networks have undergone renovation maintenance, and we have purchased two Magirus Dragon X6 fire trucks, enabling the airport’s fire and rescue service to perform its tasks even more efficiently, said Tamás Király, Managing Director of Debrecen International Airport Ltd.

Tamás Király has headed the airport management company since 1st January, where he was previously safety and compliance director.

After four years in the post, he replaced his predecessor, János Vajda. The new Managing Director is an experienced aviation engineer whose main task is to manage the further development of the airport in the context of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

“Our primary task will be the energy modernization of the airport facilities and service units, and in view of the fact that Wizz Air, as our most important strategic partner, is one of the greenest airlines in Europe, we would like to match this and purchase even greener equipment for our ground handling facilities,” Tamás Király said.

There is also a need to develop the airport further. This year, at least 350,000 more passengers are expected than last year, but if the conditions in the sector are favorable, Debrecen airport’s traffic could reach half a million in 2023.

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